Flashbacks of Turmoil

Set in the late 60s, during the Nigeria-Biafra Civil War, ‘Flashbacks of Turmoil’ gives an account of the struggles of the Dikes, headed by Obiefula, a well-off farmer, and his brother, Thaddeus, a post office worker. Through the lenses of these two brothers, the ripples of the war are honestly depicted: from Thaddeus’ unfortunate job loss, to the coercive enlistment of Obiefuna’s son, Uche, into the army, the death of Monica, his wife, and the harsh reality of the displacement of Kamsi, his daughter. Like the marauding Nigerian troops, the Igwes who adopt Kamsi, clearly represents the ironical saviours on a mission to enslave. Obiefula and Thaddeus must forfeit their grief and reassemble the littered shards of their household, for only the dead sees the end of a war. Here is an extraordinary account of tragedies and triumphs, a narrative with real-life war experiences, of horrific details that shed more light on war, love, sacrifice, displacement, and loss; a product of thoughts on the quest for truth and reunion.

The Art of Oratory

If you are interested in Public Speaking, then this is exactly the book you need. If you are a preacher, then you cannot avoid this book. If you are a Lecturer or student of Mass Communication, Law, English, Rhetoric, Speech, Ethics, International Relations, Philosophy, Theology and other courses that require you to address others, then this book is inevitable for you. Public Speaking is not just a gift, it is an Art. The book revives the ancient “Art of Oratory”, and makes it relevant in the 21st Century. It digs the art of public speaking down to Aristotle, Cicero and back to Martin Luther King Jr., Hitler and even the modern day speakers. It highlighted the Ethics of Communication in order to moderate the art. It grooms you from Speech pronunciation to Speech writing, Speech Delivery and even how to Use a Microphone. You can also see samples of good speeches at the Appendix. Give this book a trial and you will know why it is different from other books on Communications and Public Speaking you already know.

Discovering Your Masterplan

We all have a “master-plan” which is the manual of our Creator. It is that, which distinguishes one individual from another. And until we sit down and ask ourselves the “why” of our existence, we shall continue making wrong choices all through life. We must choose between living and existing, success and failure, career decisions and joblessness, wealth and poverty, health and sickness, education and illiteracy, holiness and sinfulness, God and devil etc. All these choices have to do with the future which makes it even more difficult and scary. Many have ended up with peripheral decisions as a result of their poor knowledge of their master-plan. While some are already living on the shadow of life because they have settled down on wrong choices. With only a handful at the upper stairs of life who were able to achieve a foundational decision, and self-discovery.

“Discovering Your Masterplan”, is a book that will guide you in discovering “whom you are”, or rather “who God wants you to be”. Life is not pre-destined, and yet it is not by accident. Each individual has a plan, and a unique identity. That self-identification enables you in making the right decisions in every situation you find yourself. It taps from your inner powers to enable you become the best of your own version. Therefore, this book is a gadfly which leads you back to your master-plan when you have lost the entire direction of life. Courage! as you enjoy this delicious meal of the Soul and Spirit. You will be amazed at the transforming power of your new self-discovery.

Broken Portrait

Fada Tom felt every black man was malleable, until he met Agu, a defiant young man, who stood for what he believed. Agu had refused baptism during the Easter vigil mass, because the white missionary priest had wanted to impose a foreign name on him. Everyone thought he was going to pay dearly for disrespecting a white man, but contrary to every expectation, he was rewarded for his courage. Fada Tom gave him scholarship to study in the United Kingdom. For some people, it was a blessing, while for many others a curse, but for Agu, it was an opportunity to prepare himself for the emancipation of his people, from the colonial masters who imposed a leadership of a ‘warrant chief’ on his people, from the rearing head of slavery, and from the ravaging of their cherished culture. Agu later returned from his sojourn to discover the wreckage state of Umudim, his clan. He quickly lunched a revolution which was cut short by a cardiac arrest. Little had he spoken in the gathering of the clan which he invested so much to convene, than he slumped on the village green.