"Flashbacks of Turmoil by Justin Nzekwe is a fresh new voice in the list, but not enough, of voices of storytellers who bring to life the lived experiences of people during the Nigeria Biafra war. A story of a people's firsthand encounter with a dark and sudden reality, leading to much emotional and psychological exhaustion and even deaths, but also one that helps them forge new paths of resilience and hope. This book will delight any reader of good fiction with its blazing plot, its sharp and authentic language, and its relatable, sombre characters."
Dr Chikezie E. Uzuegbunam
Academic and founding editor, Writewell Consults
The Nigeria-Biafran war is the one of the events in contemporary history and literature that has not received sufficient attention that it requires. Apart from the pictures of children suffering from kwashiorkor, the killings at the war fronts and the air raids, not much is knownabout the effects of the war on individual families. The author in this thriller of a book revealsto us how anxiety, fears, hunger, sickness and deaths affected individual families during that war. In the midst of misery, there were however moments of joy, relaxation, merriment and hope. This is no single story. Although a work of fiction, Flashbacks of Turmoil provides us with rare historical facts of that war, which go beyond the fictive names. I recommend it to all.
Angelo Chidi Unegbu
“Justin Nzekwe’s Flashbacks of Turmoil is a compelling story punctuated with history, which bears witness that all hasn’t been said about Biafra. Nzekwe continues, with fresh chapters, the ongoing conversation on War Psychotrauma, Postwar Social Stressors, and the need to own our healing-process by the telling and retelling of our stories.”
Chetachi Igbokwe
Author of Homecoming